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Individual counseling is a time to receive private one-on-one support to guide you through difficult times

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Growing Counseling Services

At Growing Counseling Services, we view change as a process which many times requires us to go through difficult and challenging stages.  We often use the transformation as a process in which you have to take step by step applying changes along the way. Sometimes, these changes are simply natural parts of life—such as the change from adolescence into young adulthood, from being single to becoming part of a couple, from being the child to taking care of an aging parent.  Other times, the changes are those which make us feel more alone as we struggle with feeling we have failed or something is wrong with us; these are changes we are forced to make as we struggle with a failed marriage, an out-of-control teen, or our own unexplainable depression or anxiety.  


At Growing Counseling Services, our therapy provides encouragement, support, information, and assistance to help you in the changes and transformations you seek in your life. We truly see it as an honor to be a part of your process of change, and we applaud your courage in seeking assistance to make those changes in your life.

Therapy Sessions

Getting Started???

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What is Growing Counseling Services About?

Your goals, your mind and body, your wellness is our priority.

Our Approach

We are professionally trained and experienced therapists committed to providing you with holistic support for mind and body. We aim to be a “one-stop shop” for you, your family or group with by having each of our services adapted to fit you and your situation.

Areas of Expertise




Grief and Trauma




Anger Management


Life Stressors

Ask yourself if what you're doing today will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow
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