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Groups and Workshops

For companies, such as schools, social service agencies, mentorship programs, etc., we offer a variety of groups and workshops on topics such as the following:


Anger Management-These groups will focus on exploring, identifying, and processing triggers to anger. There will also be education on inappropriate versus appropriate responses to anger, body anger warning signs, and effective coping mechanisms. Additionally, education on communication styles and assertiveness skills will also be addressed. 


Sexual Victimization-These groups are centered on educating participants on what constitutes abuse/victimization, effects of abuse, exploring and discussing triggers, and effective vs ineffective coping. 


Life Skills-These groups are designed for adolescents preparing to transition into adulthood. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Seeking and maintaining employment

  • Expenses versus Income

  • How to manage bills

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

Support Group

Our Staff

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Impris Joplin

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Anthalyce Bonner-Jones

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